EU Referendum to Impact Migration

June 10, 2016
On June 23, the British will vote in the referendum which  will decide the future of the United Kingdom and mainly determines whether the UK remains in the European Union or not. For past few months The stiff development across the on the referendum ‘Brexit’ has drawn the attention of the international community. 

EU Referendum to impact migration

If people support the Britain’s exit from European, it is likely to impact immigration, and Europe’s relationship with the world countries. The ‘Brexit’ supporters regularly pushing for the new point based system of immigration and gained the support of the masses. 

The recent opinion polls also suggest that immigration is the top agenda behind the referendum. The British feel that the UK is the only country absorbing maximum population in the European Union. 

Unemployed youth from all the European Union countries started moving to the UK for employment, that is putting a lot of pressure on the Public service sector and mainly health care industry which provides free healthcare for everyone. 

Lack of controls on the border and free movement of unskilled workforce from the European workforce has snagged the economy of United Kingdom. Though there are rumors of the betting agents, are favoring the exit of Britain, the opinion polls differ. 

Brexit Supporters firmly believe that the European Union has taken too many powers from the United Kingdom and especially on immigration; it does not allow the UK to frame policies on migration.Being in the European Union makes the UK feels unsafe on various aspects, the increasing movement is costing heavily on the social welfare schemes. 

It is not only migration, imbalance of power and restrictions are encouraging the ‘Brexit’ supporters to campaign vigorously for supporting the UK’s exit from the European Union.

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