Europe decreases the number of visas granted to Ukraine

July 23, 2015
In 2014, the quantity of Schengen visas issued to Ukraine citizens had drastically decreased compared to the last year 2013.

It is also confirmed by the Ukraine foreign minister pavlo klimkin while during the meeting of the parliamentary committee on European integration. He also admitted that the countries are deliberately not issuing visas to Ukraine citizens.

He also said foreign ministry is currently negotiating the issue with the countries to return to previous practice.

Schengen countries reduces giving visas to Ukrainians

During the same time, schengen countries have also tightened the requirements to issue visa applications. They are also checking the authenticity of Ukrainian documents of the nonbinding list. 

The statistics of the previous year serves the current trend. Countries like Switzerland and Finland more often refused to issue visas three times. The number of refusals from the countries of Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Greece had almost doubled.

As per the Ukraine newspaper, the application procedure to get work and tourist visa has become complicated from the June month of this year.

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