Europe provides visa-free travel privilege to Moldova"s citizens

April 28, 2014
Europe visa free travel Moldova

In a latest development, the EU (European Union) has granted visa-free travel privilege to citizens of Modlova. This step has been taken, it is being said, for drawing Moldova into the European fold and enhance deeper ties between the EU bloc and that country. Some observers are pointing out that Europe wants and intends to see that the former parts of the erstwhile Soviet bloc become a part of EU and forge deeper relationships with the EU. 

This move of granting visa-free entry means that Moldova’s citizens who have a biometric passport can travel without visas to Europe’s Schengen area. It may be noted that the Schengen area comprises most of the EU countries and a few other countries such as Norway and Switzerland. It is also being said that the present move to provide visa-free travel privilege to the EU is based on the past experience of Ukraine whose Crimea peninsula was occupied by Russia. It is/was EU’s fear and apprehension that something similar could happen in Moldova too, as Moldova also has a sizeable Russian population concentrated in Transdnestr region. 

And, actually, Crimea too had a sizeable Russian population which sought closer ties to Russia than with the EU. So, it is being apprehended by EU that this region (Transdnestr) too could seek closer ties with Russia and in the future based on sentiment, Russia could annex it. 

Also, the EU has stated that granting privileges, such as visa-free travel etc. to countries is based on how the country’s political and legal system works, law and order, etc. operate and also if they have achieved any movement forwards, for and towards equality, fundamental rights, etc.
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