European countries attract Chinese immigrants through simplified visa process

September 09, 2014
European countries attract Chinese immigrants

European countries are trying to attract more Chinese immigrants by relaxing their visa rules. The countries that have facilitated easy entry to Chinese nationals include United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany.

Notably, Asian countries too are taking giant leaps and doing all that’s possible to make the entry of Chinese even more easier.

It has to be mentioned here that Thailand has waived as much as 230 Yuan visa fee for Chinese immigrants keeping in view the benefit the tourism sector has been getting through Chinese tourists.

Speaking more about the impact Chinese nationals are making on the businesses, UK’s immigration and security minister James Brokenshire has said that China is UK’s largest visa market and we expect the number of Chinese tourists would continue to grow.  He has also said that the UK would continue to do its best in order to improve the visa system.
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