European Union Proposal Aims to Attract Skilled Workforce

June 09, 2016
The European Commission has submitted a proposal to the European Union Member States to integrate the skilled professionals from third world countries into European labor market. The plan will highlight the economic need of skilled migrants to the EU member states and how their contribution supplements value to the economies. 

European Union proposal aims to attract skilled workforce

The proposals will allow the European Businesses to attract highly qualified professionals from all the corners of the world. The integration of the third-world nationals into the single largest European labor market is the main objective of the European Commission. 

Under the leadership EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU planned for the proposal which has set legal migration as the highest priority. 

The European Union want to disseminate to third-world nations that EU is the single largest labor market. The earlier initiatives failed to draw the attention of the potential migrants, did not allow the professionals to perceive it as a single largest job market. 

Dimitris Avramopoulos, commissioner for migration, home affairs, and citizenship, at EC said, "If we want to manage migration in the long-term, we have to start making those investments now, in the interest of us all. The early and effective integration of third-country nationals is key to making migration a benefit for the economy and cohesion of our society. At the same time, we have to better equip our systems to deal with labor market and skills shortages in the future. The revised EU Blue Card scheme will make it easier and more attractive for highly skilled third-country nationals to come and work in the EU and strengthen our economic growth," 

If the proposals are implemented then the EU-Blue Card will undergo significant changes; the salary requirements will be reduced so that the work permit program of EU becomes competitive in the global labor market. 

Presently, the European nations excepting the UK are not attracting skilled migrants as much as Canada and Australia. 

The new proposal has been planned to address the issues of qualified workforce in European businesses.

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