Family visit visas of Saudi Arabian expat workers can be made permanent

June 05, 2014
Saudi Arabian family visit visas can be made permanent by expats

Saudi Arabia Passport Department has revealed that the visit visas issued to close family members of expat workers can be changed into permanent residency permit under specific conditions. 

Col. Mohammed Al-Hussain, a senior Passport Department official, said it is possible to do so only if the request for the conversion is accepted by the Interior Ministry.

He held phone call session with Arab news readers during which he spoke about the possibilities of placing aged parents of the expat workers on their iqamas.

The Expat workers of the Kingdom, who have aged parents and do not have any one to take care of them, can present their case at Qanoon and Tadrees unit available at the Passport Department. This department will decide on the cases considering various aspects of it and its authenticity.

At present, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia grants visit visas for children, spouses and the parents of their spouses.

Expatriates were advised to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom .Furthermore, at present there is no necessity to present exit or re-entry document at immigration counters of Kingdom as everything is made online.
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