Fast-Tracked Australian Visiting Visa Applications for 51 Countries Eligible in Electronic Lodgement

May 20, 2014

Fast-Tracked Australian Visiting Visa Applications

Fifty one countries are now eligible for the electronic lodgement list of Australian Visiting Visa applications. These countries are eligible to apply electronically for a visitor visa (Sub class 600), from the starting of this month. On the whole, citizens from 124 countries will now get benefit from lodging online to holiday in or visit Australia.

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBP), citizens who are eligible to travel or eligible travelers can apply for the Australian Visiting Visa faster than ever before.

Accessing of online applications is progressively extended to all nations. DIBP is also reminding the visa applicants about the new identity requirements which are introduced for the sake of Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020 in the month of March.

To a number of visa subclasses, a criterion named PIC 4020 is attached. If the PIC 4020 is a part of criteria for a particular business skills, student, family or temporary visa, migration visa that the applicant has applied for, applicants need to fulfill PIC 4020, in order to get the Australian Visiting Visa.

PIC 4020 has permitted as a refusal for the visa, if Australian Visiting Visa applicants provide the fake documents or details i.e. misleads in relation to their application.

According to the officials, new identity requirements are a part of visa application, which is nothing but the applicant should satisfy the minister of the identity. If the applicant visa is refused that means they are unable to satisfy the minister of the applicant’s identity. After the rejection or refusal of visa, applicants are not permitted for a visa for a period of 10 years. Visa applicants are not allowed to provide any kind of reasons to ignore these requirements. Not only this, applicant family members who were listed are also not permitted for another visa until the applicant satisfies the PIC 4020 for 10 years. Applicants are not allowed to provide any fake documents for the visa application. If the applicant or any other family members of the applicant provides the fake documents, then they are not granted for visa for a period of 3 years.

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