Federal Govt Decides to Reduce Pressure on Asylum Seekers in Quebec

May 15, 2018

Canadian federal government has decided to take off the pressure to accommodate asylum seekers from Quebec and send them to other provinces. There has been an overwhelming number of asylum seekers entering Quebec, and the province can only handle so many. The federal government and Quebec government has come to an agreement that Quebec has to immediately transfer asylum seekers who intend to settle in other provinces. Those who intend to settle elsewhere are at an advantage because their cases will be dealt faster, so they can move along towards their destination.


Most of these immigrants go to live in Toronto because the opportunities are limitless and everything is within reach. Out of the 6,000 asylum seekers who entered Quebec in 2018, 40 percent plan to move out of the province. Ontario received 40 percent of total immigration in 2016, and if asylum seeker cases are fast-tracked, the province will not be able to accommodate so many despite having a robust system to do so, especially as the housing prices and living costs are so high.

Debbie Douglas, an executive director, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, said that it is a never a blip. More people mean more pressure on the immigration system. Their shelter system isn’t capable enough to handle heavy traffic, and they need huge funding to manage all expenses. Francisco Rico-Martinez, FCJ Refugee Centre, Toronto, has estimated that more than 7,000 Nigerians have entered Quebec in the last seven months. Toronto has made a lot of changes to accommodate more people, but a lot still needs to be done.

Claim-processing system

The federal government allocated $47 million for claim processing system so that the cases move forward quickly and backlog reduces. These immigrants will be transported to cities and towns where there is a labor shortage so that both the immigrants and the businesses at are an advantage.

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