Federal Judges Rule Against Trump’s Recent Travel Ban

March 17, 2017

A court rule in Hawaii on Wednesday evening passed a countrywide decree that blocks the immigration prohibition of foreigners from parts of Muslim terrorized nations across the world, thereby having a devastating effect on the white house and sending out a message to Donald Trump that he would have to show up in court for his stand on foreigners from Muslim countries being terrorists.


Another judge in the country in Maryland also issued a decree against the president last night, preventing the complex parts of the immigration ban from taking full effect in the country. The hearings happened to be another major hindrance for the Trump led administration as he seeks a law that would champion his cause for heightened efforts in national security.


His first shot at getting an executive order limiting the inflow of foreigners from a large list of mainly Muslim populated countries into the country passed ended up in a legal battle that took place last month when Seattle federal high court threw it out.


President Trump passed a new and constricted ban on the 6th of March, targeting around six Muslim countries, in his bid to meet the court’s requirements by taking out most of the debatable constituents of the initial order.


But in a targeted choice of action that continuously called into question President’s Trump’s public sayings, a judge of the federal high court located in Honolulu, Judge Derrick Watson, issued that a “sensible, unbiased observer” will definitely see the latest decree by the president as “being passed with an intent to be unfair to a particular faith, despite all of its supposed religious neutrality.


A judge in Maryland, Judge Theodore Chuang, supported the consensus a few hours after, presiding over a case put before it by a nonprofit organization that collaborates with refugees and foreigners, that the liable intent of the executive decree was the setting up of the intended ban on Islam which President Trump has vowed to put into law during his presidential campaign.

President Donald Trump vehemently attacked the presiding judge in Honolulu on Wednesday, Judge Watson, during a campaign-themed convention in the area of Nashville.


Screaming audibly to a gruff cry of attendants, President Trump charges the judge on ruling on political grounds and also launched scathing remarks to the court of appeal in the United States for the Ninth rally, which had supported the initial ruling against his regime and will accommodate an appeal to the judgment passed in Hawaii.

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