Five million overseas nationals are living in the UK

December 19, 2015
The number of overseas citizens who are residing in the UK has hit the five million mark; this is according to the latest statistics that were released.  The total has increased by one million since the year 2009. It means that out of every 12 people who are living in the UK previous year, one is a foreigner.  

Only Germany is the European country with around 7 million overseas citizens. The information has revealed that how the wave of immigrants has taken the benefit of quick recovering economy of Britain as the whole euro zone is languishing in the chaos.

Five million overseas nationals are living in the UK

According to Peter Bone, Tory MP, many individuals in the nation realize that the rising number of overseas citizens is not sustainable and that Britain had to get hold of its borders.

The statistics also revealed that around 7.9% of the population of the UK, which is around 64,308,261, five million was overseas citizens. These are the individuals who have not got the citizenship of the Britain. Out of these around 2.6 million were from the EU countries.  

The report also shows that the overseas born population was considered to have increased over 8 million for the foremost time. Yesterday, a top business group has said that the ministers must drop this unachievable target to slash the immigration.

According to the Institute of Directors, the target to slash the net migration below 1,00,000 per year was causing a large amount difficulties for the employers of the Britain and also putting off international companies thinking of investing in the country. This call came after the Home Affairs Committee had said that the policy was not fit for the intention.

Cross party Committee told that the yearly limit on the visas for the skilled employees from non EU nations was not having any effect to bring down the overall migration.

Ministers also finds that the cost of the limit had caused the nursing crises in the NHS this winter, until Theresa May had stepped in with the emergency leisure of the limit.

The goal to slash the net migration to below 1,00,000 was set by the UK PM David Cameron. Previous month statistics revealed that the net migration had arrived at 3,36,000 in the current year period.

Although Michael Fallon, Britain Defence Secretary had defended the target and said that it was important to remain focus on bringing the immigration downwards. He insisted that the ministers have put in all the efforts in bringing down the immigration from non EU countries.

The largest group of  tourists it the UK was from the countries like Poland with 7,48.207, India stood at second place with 3,47,732, Ireland with 3,36,780, Pakistan with 1,98,565 and Lithuania with 1,63,204.

Previous month, the National Statistics Office showed that the immigration has hit a latest high with 6,36,000 foreign arrivals in a year.

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