Five more nations had granted Taiwan with the visa privileges

December 01, 2015
According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the passport holders of Taiwan can now acquire the visa waivers, e-visas or landing visas to around 158 nations and territories after five additional nations currently had granted such privileges to Taiwan.

Five more nations had granted Taiwan with the visa privileges

According to minister’s official statement, the five nations includes two from African continent like Mauritania and Ethiopia, one country from Western Asia which is Lebanon, these three nations had granted landing visa scheme to Taiwan, while another country from Africa which is Zambia and the UAE from the Arabian Peninsula had incorporated Taiwan in their e-visa scheme. 

The Ministry also informed that, around 158 nations and territories that had given Taiwan the privileges of the visa also includes the US, Japan, and all the 28 EU member countries. It has also covered many areas that witness frequent travelers from Taiwan.

According to the statement from the Ministry, Taiwan had also signed the agreements on the reciprocity for driver license with 85 nations and their areas, permitting the license holders from Taiwan to apply for the licenses in those nations without any requirement of taking the local test.

Ministry said that the list of countries includes many favorable destinations for the travelers from Taiwan like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Italy and some parts of Australia as well, the US and Canada.

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