For some of the countries, Vietnam waives visas

June 30, 2015
Visas waived by Vietnam for some of the countries

The decision of Vietnam to axe the restrictions of visa on the five countries of Europe has been expected to be extended to help the industry of tourism which was punished by military standoff with china and a pointed decline in the economy of Russia.     

The move underscored desire of Hanoi to compete along with the established markets of the tourists within the ASEAN, like Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in attracting the tourists from the European market which is lucrative.

During this year, the tensions have been calmed despite the construction of Chinese military barracks and the massive landfills on disputed atolls and shoals.

The economy of Vietnam is struggling for its recovery from the nasty downturn which is experienced after the years of increasing debt and the corruption which is marked by the collapse of the enterprises run by the state and the senior bankers jailing. It has been expected to grow about six percent during this calendar year. Nguyen Van Tuan, director of the Vietnam national administration of tourism stated that this is certainly great news for the tourism industry of Vietnam.    

This has become one of the latest policies by government of Vietnam which has aimed at creating an environment conducive to sector of the development. 

Tourists from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Britain will be enabled for the stays of visa free up to 15 days from the first of July. The price of the standard tourist visa is $ 45. The average cost of $70 for a visa produces nearly $11 million in the revenue in a year for the coffers of the state.

In the (ASEAN) Southeast Asian nations association nine countries the visa exemptions which are reciprocal already exist along with Belarus, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and the other four Nordic countries.

The operators of the tour want the visa exemption to be extended to about 30 days and all the important markets including the EU nations and the members of the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Partnership also included which would add Chile, Canada, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, and US to the list.

Binh stated, the waiver in the visa fee has benefited about more than 100,000 foreign holidaymakers and arrival figures surged to 36% in the year 2010.

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