Foreign students are eyeing less price education in Canada

January 23, 2016
Many foreign students are enrolling in universities of Canada ever year. Many of them are eying low price education as many Canadian universities are offering.

According to Richard Levin, Executive Director, Toronto University, a lesser Canadian dollar means that the foreign students could get education from the university that is among the world’s best at a minimized price.

Foreign students are eyeing less price education in Canada

According to the figures, this year, foreign students have paid around $22,000 in tuition.

The universities here set the target of number of foreign student they intend to attract and the number of students who are visiting Canada has been on the increase for many years.

According to the most current figures, in the year 2014, over 3,36,000 foreign students had attended the Canadian schools. And by the year 2022, the Canadian government want to boost  that number to over 4,50,000.

According to Statistics Canada, full-time undergraduate foreign students had paid around $21,932 in tuition fees in the educational year and full-time foreign students had paid around $8,000 more.

According to a federal report, in the year 2012, around 2,65,000 students came from abroad and they had spend around $8.4 billion including the tuition fees and had generated over $455 million in tax income. And the activities of the students had helped Canada with around 86,000 jobs.

MacGill’s University’s Massey, said that there are no targets for how many foreign students are admitted. She also said that they are looking for academically strong students from all over the world.

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