Foreign Tourists with E-visa can Stay Up to 2 Months

April 06, 2017

Tourists coming into the country of India using the electronic permit can now stay in the country for up to 60 days, rather than the previous 30 days, and also get additional double entry bonus while tourists coming on the grounds of medical reasons can enjoy the triple entry scheme.

The minister in charge of migration, Rajnath Singh, disclosed in an interview that a less strict scheme had been put in place by the government starting from the 1st April for visitors coming into the country on electronic permits can reside for up to 60 days with extra double entry bonus.

“The time of stay on the electronic permit has been increased from one month to two months with the benefit of a double entry for tourists and traders and triple entry for medical visitors.

Initially, visitors coming into the country using electronic permits could reside in India for up to a month only.

With the bonus of double entry, visitors can visit countries close by like Bhutan and still come back to India just in time.

“The government has decided to be less strict with the permit program to promote and encourage tourism in the country. It is also in a bid to attract investors to the nation,” Singh disclosed. Starting from the 1st of April, electronic permits would have three divisions; electronic tourist permit, electronic business permit, electronic medical permit.

The application duration for applying for the permit scheme has also been increased from one month to three months.

Also, trade and medical permits will be given out to applicants within two days of submission of critical applications.

There is another division of the electronic permit, called the “I permit.”

It is expressly tailored for international students intending to intern in the country. The minister also disclosed that the electronic permit has been opened to other 161 nations for all of 24 airports and sea ports, and also three seaports in India. They are Mangalore, Goa, and Cochin.

The multiple entries for visitors and traders have a five years duration and would be open to citizens of most nations.

There are also mission facilities that offer biometric verification services, and they have also begun issuing permits for both tourists and trader. With the current electronic grant scheme, a submitting applicant would get a mail telling him or her to go into the country of India once the application has been approved.

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