Foreign visits to the UK continue to break records

November 25, 2015
According to the statistics from the reports which reveals that the foreign visits to the UK for this year’s nine months had broken the past records. The information showed that they were around 27.1 million visits to the UK from this year’s January to September month, with an increasein 3% when compared to the same period in the year 2014.

Total spending by the foreign visitors in the month of September was $2.2 billion, which is equal to the previous year spending for the same period. The overall spending by the travelers for the first months of ht is year was $16.5 billion.

Foreign visits to the UK continue to break records

The continues increase in the foreign visits is reflecting the findings from the report which was published previously this week. The report showed that the international insights of the UK as the hospitable place are enhancing.

Recent statistics showed that the visitors from China who are visiting the UK are recorded in much higher numbers with the number of visits in this year’s initial six months were increased to 28% to 90,000 when compared to the same time previous year.

The UK has also enhanced its ranking in the NBI in its three biggest and most precious visitor markets, France, Germany and the US.

The UK had improved its ranking as the country with rich cultural heritage and has jumped one place up to the 6th position. The UK has held its ranking in the 4th position as the country that excels at sports. 

Tourism is the seventh major export industry and the third leading service sector. This industry is also the key employment creator.

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