Four Indians honored with Great Immigrants

June 29, 2016
Google CEO Sunder Pichai and three other people of Indian origin are in the list of 42 US nationals to be honored with the United States "Great Immigrants: The Pride of America" award. 

Four Indians honored with Great Immigrants

The three other prominent personalities are Hari Sreenivasan, Senior Correspondent, PBS NewsHour, Award-winning author Bharati Mukherjee and chairperson of McKinsey & Company Vikram Malhotra. 

The awards will be presented on June 30, at an event in New York. 

The 42 US nationals who are from 30 different countries of the world will be honored for their accomplishments and inspiring immigration stories. 

The people who received awards are representatives of millions of immigrants living in the United States who entered for economic opportunity. 

The United States is the great land of opportunities and numerous people settled here and well integrated with the American society. 

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