Further decline in number of students from India going to the UK

November 28, 2015
According to the current figures which revealed that there has been additional 10% drop in the student visas which are granted to students from India to study in the UK in this year which ended in September, even though the UK government had earlier signaled its commitment for welcoming the foreign students.

Further decline in number of students from India going to the UK

The statistics which was revealed showed that the India earlier stood at third position as the biggest source nation of students behind China and the US in the year which ended in September 2015, but the statistics reflected continuing drop of students from India choosing to study in the UK in the previous years.

There had been much hand drenched in the universities and the other stake holders over the continuous decline in the student numbers from India. The decline is largely due to the shutting down the post-study work visa in the year 2012 and the closing of many bogus colleges.

These statistics had came in the background of the announcement which was made by  Chancellor George Osborne, who had signaled the government of UK’s commitment for welcoming the foreign students. UK had been facing a large amount of competition from the countries like Australia, Canada and the US in the international market for higher education.

According to Osborne, the foreign students are vital to the triumph of the universities and the economy of the UK. The government of UK had committed to the strong student growth from non-EU countries,  supporting the 30 billion pounds education export objective.

The student numbers from the non-EU nations is expected to increase by 55,000 which would worth over 1billion pounds by the year 2020.

Osborne told that for ensuring the universities for continuing to struggle with the Canada, Australia and the US for top foreign students, dependents of the postgraduates on the course who will last for over a year would be welcomed to visit and work in the UK.  The present English language needs would be maintained.

Permitting the dependents for working is already granted but the sources in the sector for higher education had said that the repeating it in the Spending Review was important.

Osborne had also announced that the UK government would fund around 2200 scholarships every year to study in the UK.  The representative body of the universities in the UK, Universities UK, had welcomed the commitments from Osborne.

According to the Chief Executive, Universities UK,  it is a welcome decision from the UK government is it is highlighting the significance of the foreign students who visit to the UK. And repeating the estimation for the increase in the student numbers from non-EU countries by the year 2020.

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