Further information on Working Holiday Visa for NZ

December 07, 2013

Further information on Working Holiday Visa for NZ

There are many visas available in New Zealand, each one is for different planned visits to the country and so each has very different criteria and restrictions on them, a popular visa for young people to choose is the working holiday visa. A visa designed primarily for a holiday. Working is a side of the holiday and so certain restrictions are put on the types of work an applicant can do and for how long. This is simply to stop people going to New Zealand claiming to be on holiday and working full time in specific jobs, or even skilled jobs. It is possible for migrants to work full time and in skilled jobs but a skilled working visas would be required not a working holiday visa, the immigration service will make checks to decide if you will be granted a working holiday visa and that an applicant is there for the sole purpose of holidaying, and working to pay for it. The main jobs available for working holiday visas holders are in the farming trade such as fruit pickers or in the hospitality trade such as bar staff or waiter/waitress. The visa has the potential to last for a total of twelve months. Only certain citizens from certain countries will be eligible to apply and be granted a working holiday visa. There are very specific criteria that must be met for this visa, it is not a matter of going on holiday, fancy staying longer, get a visa. An applicant will have to go through the system, apply, follow procedure and submit the required documents. If criteria is not met or documents are not valid, on date or genuine, the visa will not be granted. The regulations are there for safety, to keep control off who is entering the country, why and how long for. Security is always high and always checked. Especially a modern country such as New Zealand who see an influx of migrants coming and going on a daily basis. If an individual wishes to try a working holiday visa, the work they do will be an amazing experience for them to gain. With a working holiday visa you can stay for up to twelve months, but an you can only stay with an employer for a maximum of six months. This would mean changing work, at least twice during your stay, therefore a lot of experience in diverse jobs can be gained. 

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