Germans want to end EU-Turkey migration pact

August 09, 2016
According to the recent published polls, most Germans think that the European Union must revoke the migration deal and consultation on access to its economic bloc. The agreement was made based on Ankara’s revival of financial aid and the promise of visa-free travel to the European Union. 

Germans want to end EU-Turkey migration pact

In 2015, Germany accepted 1.1 million people escaping from war conditions, which created social tension in Europe’s powerhouse. The survey reveals that 52 percent of people favored terminating the migration deal with Turkey, and 35 percent supported continuation  with the deal. 

More than  two-thirds of 502 people, who were surveyed on August 4th, wanted an immediate break of the deal and freezing of financial aid to Turkey.  The remaining 66 percent of people wanted the EU accession talks stopped immediately.  

The migration pact was made with an understanding that, Ankara will accept all the refugees who entered into Greece illegally by sea.  

The visa-free access to Turkey has been delayed because of the failed coup in Turkey in the recent past.

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