Germany and Malaysia top performers for Internationalization

May 04, 2016
Malaysia and Germany has been voted as the best performers in an important research by British Council which was taking a look at the policies of the countries on openness to foreign higher education.

Germany and Malaysia top performers for Internationalization

The results are based on the facts like openness to foreign mobility for academics and students, assurance of quality education and recognition of foreign qualifications.

Providing every category equal weighting, the overall leading five will be made up of Australia, Germany, Malaysia, UK and China.

Both the countries have got the most balanced portfolio of offering high level assistance for foreign engagement. 

Both the countries has focused on mobility of students and policies targeting at making sure equitable access. Countries like Germany, Australia and Russian has widened their access to the labor market for foreign students. 

Germany has a aim of hosting around 3,50,000 overseas students by the year 2020 and is eager for them to reside on for doing work provided the country’s requirement of addressing a declining work force.

Malaysia is hosting many campuses which are setup by foreign universities and is at the same time an important sender of foreign students to countries like the UK.

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