Germany is obstructed by its cultural habit despite of flushed jobs and the potential workers

September 30, 2015
Germany is in desperate need of workers, but an uncertain block is preventing the companies from hiring new foreign workers from Middle East countries and from anywhere else in the EU.

Previous year, Germany stood at second place as destination which was most popular among people who want to permanently migrate to Germany.  Germany was ahead of Canada and the UK. The miserable economic conditions in other member countries under EU like Italy, Greece and Spain have encouraged the nationals of these countries to visit Germany and try their luck in finding out the jobs.

Germany is obstructed by its cultural habit despite of flushed jobs and the potential workers

In a survey it was found that the 30% of the German employers did not take foreign workers for filling the job openings. They said that the candidates lack of skills in the German language. These skills are the requirement in both legal and cultural aspect. While EU workers doesn’t required a visa for working in Germany. But at the same time they are required to know the language to get rid of the certification exams hurdle to fit into jobs in Germany.

Whereas language is not a problem for the English speaking immigration countries like the U.S, U.K, and Canada.

In some of the sectors in the economy of the Germany, English is the language which is adopted by the people whose native language is different.  German is spoken rarely in the technology sector of the Berlin.  English is the major language in the German international companies like Bayer. 

In the country’s mid size companies, business has been done in German, which has prevented them to tap the international talent.

And not many companies other than the major ones have looked outside the country for hiring the employees. But still Germany overtook the countries who speak English in becoming immigrant’s leading destinations. And this attitude is changing with some of the problem like aging population and lower birth rates, these companies are also looking out for the workers from outside as a boon to the economy by filling the jobs.

But some policy makers have realized that learning the German language could be big hurdle in matching the immigrants for the jobs available. And that they have taken the step of promoting the learning of the language among the new arrivals.

Because the immigrants are taking time in learning the German language, they are facing troubles in getting the permanent visas and to fill the job openings for the skilled and educated workers.

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