Germany saw sharpest rise in foreigner immigration in 2014

March 17, 2015
Germany saw a pointed surge in foreigners' arrival in 2014

As per the new statistics of the country the count of overseas individuals residing in Germany has grown at a faster rate from the past twenty years. It was found that around 519,340 foreigners or 6.8% people visited the nation for residing and working. On the whole Germany has ranked the position of two in alluring the attention of more number of the overseas and to maintain a steady economy. 

Till date Germany has seen a stronger enhancement in overseas applicants count as like 2014 during 1991 and 1992 i.e. 613,500, 539,800, said the concerned statistics office representatives of the country. 

By the year end of 2014 Germany has accounted around 8.2 million people, which is nothing but the highest record that it has attained since 1967. As like other developed nations, Germany has grabbed the attention of more number of foreigners with its steady economy and ample of career and employment prospects. Few of the concerned sources of the country added that the wages that are being paid by the startup companies of the country are very good when compared to others. 

Sources further added that Germany has seen a record migration level during 2013 and affirming its position as the second most incredibly popular destination for immigrants’ after the well-know modern country United States. 

Around 60% of the newly enrolled immigrants are from European Union member provinces. The count of Romanians arrivals to the country has surged by 32.9% or 87,945 followed by Bulgarians with 24.8% or 36,435. The count of the Syrian’s who have registered to immigrate to Germany for working and residing has increased by 61,295.

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