Germany to attract more skilled foreign employees

April 30, 2016
Germany has started testing an immigration system which is points based for luring additional skilled overseas employees and ends a constant shortage of employees which is infecting the biggest economy of the Europe.

The wealthy south western part of Baden Wuerttemberg, which is home to key machinery and automobile companies, is hosting the pilot project inspired by the immigration system of New Zealand and Canada.

According to the Andrea Nahles, Labor Minister, the future quality of life relies on how many individuals working Germany and contributing to the prosperity of the country.

She also said that Germany should mobilize all potential, and would require extra well educated employees from overseas, which is why Germany is testing a latest method.

Many eligible experts from non EU nations will be issued  work permit of three years under system of points with skills in German language being the main criteria.

Germany to attract more skilled foreign employees

Points system would provide full 100 points to people with increased level of competency in German language, while others with further basic level will have to prove they got French or English skills as well as connection to Germany.

Citizens of EU are exempted from certain criteria of immigration as they are authorized to work in Germany under agreement of bloc free movement of people.

Few industries in Germany are struggling to search manpower and with increased ageing population, the nation’s important economic players are being requesting the government to change its immigration regulations for attracting skilled employees.

The nation has included around 11 million aylum seekers in the year 2015. experts has warned that it will take for Germany to rise up for filling the much needed language capacities or expert skills for filling vacant jobs of Germany.

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