Get a Taste of Beautiful Canada with New Digital Magazine

October 03, 2013

Get a Taste of Beautiful Canada with New Digital Magazine

If you've ever dreamed of immigrating to Canada, or if you have just got a visa to go and live there or to study, you'll no doubt be keen to explore some of the stunning landscapes that Canada has to offer. However, if you just want to get a taster of some of the beautiful sights to be seen in Canada, then you'll want to take a look at a new initiative from National Geographic.

For the first time ever, National Geographic has brought together 50 of the most stunning pictures of Canada and put them alongside text from 50 of the best travel writers, bringing Canada alive for would-be visitors.

The pictures show all of the provinces of Canada and all of the territories, too. The stunning images have been made available online in a digital magazine format so people can see just how stunning Canada is for themselves.

Immigration and Holidays

Whether you are planning a short visit to Canada, or plan on immigrating, you'll need to take a look at the National Geographic site. Not only do you get to see pictures of Canada in breath taking color, National Geographic is also packed full of travel information, which is vital to anyone planning to make a visit, or anyone planning to make a new life in Canada.

The website details the places to go and the places to see. You can also get advice on the best places to eat and drink, and what to buy and where to stay. This kind of information is invaluable to anyone planning a permanent stay in Canada, and will provide you with the vital information you'll need to start finding your way around Canada.

As well as travel information, you can also find out plenty of facts about Canada, which is ideal if you plan to live there and really want to get to know the country.

Commenting on the National Geographic initiative, Greg Klassen, senior vice president, marketing strategy and communications, Canadian Tourism Commission, said

“Canada as a country is just the right place for exploring, discovering, experiencing, etc. the immensity of nature through travel. Travelling through it is simply speaking a whole new experience. In this regard, we are proudly announcing that we are aligning with the National Geographic brand and through this association expect to encourage people from all over the world to come and discover Canada.” 

Vote for your Favourite Picture

National Geographic are allowing visitors to vote for their favourite pictures and the winning pictures will be highlighted by National Geographic in November.

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