Global Talent Policies in Canada Set to Yield Economic Benefits for Future

October 18, 2019
The policies Canada in attracting talent at the global level have received bright reviews in a white paper issued by the Graduate Management Admissions Council.

Global Talent Policies in Canada Set to Yield Economic Benefits for Future

Canada has an Innovative Policy 

Canada has adopted an Innovative policy that includes Global Skills Strategy which has positioned it to give economic benefits in the future years as per the report.

Moreover the report has praised the success of the country by attracting and retaining global students after they complete the graduate. The study was related to flow of global talent in USA, Canada, UK, China and India.

The white paper dealt with the Winners/Losers in the Race for acquiring Global Talent and shows the facing of demographic challenges by Canada. It highlights that the only way its economy can get the requisite talent is through immigration. Moreover it is a fact that immigration are only 20 percent of population, in Canada but they hold 50% of the STEM degrees.

Canada Immigration Attract Skilled Workers 

Canada has the ability to attract skilled workers in STEM because it has adopted the Global Skills Strategy, and has the Global Talent Stream, that began in 2016.

There is a quick work permit processing within two-week for top demand occupations, compounded with short-term exemptions in work permits. Additionally, the business establishments get foreign talent, and the process just takes 10 days.

Important Elements of the GTS 

• The standard is Two-weeks in processing applications for work permits and visa applications when the applicants are highly skilled 

• A dedicated service is offered to companies that make important investments creating jobs in Canada

• Drop in work permit norm regarding short-term skilled work is 30 days in a period of 12 months, and short academic stay

• Companies that seek workers through the GTS can access the new application process that is streamlined and it will provide:

• Service focused on Clients to guide eligible employers through the application process, and also to develop a Labor Market Plan, with a standard of only 10 days

• The workers have Eligibility to get processing of their work-permit applications within 10 days

Canada has reduced the processing times, but the U.S. is delaying the H-1B visa. The skilled workers looking to the U.S. now focus on Canada.

Great Progress in Canada Immigration

Canada has also made great progress to attract international students. The figure of international students intending to apply to the US is declining and now they prefer Canada, as per the report.

Canada registered 8.6 percent increase in applications of international business schools in 2019. This is a positive signal for the future.

Canada presently has strength of 572,000 persons holding the Study Permit, and the report highlights the presence of a pathway for global students, to get degrees, and continue to work after their graduation, and qualifying for permanent residence.

A survey exposes that 60 percent among the international students arriving in Canada have a plan to take up permanent residency.
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