Good news for families planning to immigrate to Australia

October 10, 2013

Good news for families planning to immigrate to Australia

Immigrating to a new country is often a difficult and complex endeavor, and even more so if you have a young family with you. When immigrating to Australia, one of the most important priorities for parents moving with children is finding the right school for them, and with the potential introduction of additional fees for the children of temporary workers in Australia from India, this threatened to become an extremely costly affair.

Parents under Temporary work visas

However the Australian government has recently made an announcement that will bring immense relief to parents working in Australia under temporary work visas. While last August, the treasury had announced they would charge a fee of AUS$4,000 for each child being educated in a state school, the introduction of this fee has now been pushed back to 2015. This gives current and future temporary workers in Australia a significant boon, before the planned changes come in place, and provide an opportunity to make appropriate arrangements to cope with the introduction of the fees.

That is not to say that the fees have been entirely forgotten however. While the fees are not intended to put off temporary workers, the government insisted they would need to be put in place to enable the Australian schooling system to cope with the surge in needs. From 2015, temporary workers will be required to pay the full fee for each first child, and an additional AUS$2,000 for subsequent children. Over $60m is estimated to be raised from this scheme.

Temporary workers contribute to Australian economy

Temporary workers contribute significantly to Australia's booming economy, and there are currently over 100,000 workers in the country that work under this visa scheme. The visa enables any individual who satisfies the requirements of the country's Skilled Occupation Lists to work in the country for up to four years, provided they have sponsorship from a relevant and approved Australian employer. Once the visa is awarded, workers are able to freely enter and leave the country during the period, while also allowing dependents and partners to travel with them.

If you possess the skills in demand by Australia, your talents could be extremely valuable as a temporary worker. Our Delhi visa consultancy services can assist you in finding out more about how to obtain a temporary work visa in Australia, as well as support and advise you through the regulations that may affect your family members.

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