Good News for International Students: UK Calls for Post-Study Work Visa

November 08, 2018

UK Parliamentary Group

UK cross-party parliamentary group is calls to renovate the way it approaches international graduates, pointing to the dispute over the exclusion of Indian graduates from a relaxation of certification rules as an example of the negative impact on the scheme.

Good News for International Students: UK Calls for Post-Study Work Visa

The All-Party Parliamentary Group revealed a report on Tuesday calling for the UK Parliament to set an "ambitious and clear” focus to expand the count of international students in the United Kingdom, not only excluding students from net immigration targets but also launching a post-study work visa for up to 2 years.

“Currently, the competitors of UK does not have plans to raise the international students count. This process influences the path of student immigration policy,” reads the report, that facilitates boost Britain’s attractiveness to overseas students based on written and oral proof collected from an inquiry established in July.

Post-study Work Visa for International Students

Co-chairman of the APPG, MP Paul said that the restrictive policies have discouraged many international graduates from applying to the United Kingdom over the past 8 years. It’s the right time for us to focus the target to increase the international students in the UK. 

The founder of Cobra Beer, Lord Bilimoria noted that "British Institutes would like to lead the world in attracting students across the world. But today's, so many competitors are expanding at a rate far higher than our country". The UK Govt has come under extending pressure to reunion its international graduates regime. In September, the UK body represented British institutes urged the launching of a post-study work visa which was dropped by govt in 2012.

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