Guyanese applicants face new requirements for EU Schengen visa

May 13, 2014
Guyanese applicants face new requirements for EU Schengen visa

According to some news reports, Guyanese who would like to apply and  obtain a Schengen visa, which provides them visa-free entry to the 26 Schengen countries will have to fulfill some more/other requirements.
This was stated/announced by EU’s Head of Delegation to Guyana, Robert Kopecky at his home, on the occasion of ‘Europe day’ on May 7th. He stated that the new requirement was part of the worldwide/global roll-out of the VIS, a system which allows Schengen countries to exchange visa data of all applicants of the Schengen visa. He added that the VIS i.e. the Visa Information System for Schengen Visa countries will take effect on May 15th, for countries such as Guyana and others in the region. He added further, that from May 15th onwards all visa applicants have to appear in person at an embassy of the respective/chosen Schengen country to provide their fingerprints. The rule for the provision of finger prints is only for a single time and is not necessary/needed for subsequent visa applications. 

He also stated that the VIS is modern, efficient, effective, etc. and that it is a major step forward to improve proper travel, security, etc. of innocent/ordinary citizens by preventing identity theft when they travel to EU. He stated further that more information, guidance, etc. about this matter would be made available soon.
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