H-1B helps the employers in getting employees with specialty skills

February 04, 2016
Looking for the talented and high skilled employees could be difficult for few employers in the US. Every year the demand for the employees with STEM skills has outpaced the supply. In the US, employers are presently looking for around 1,20,000 computer professionals every year.

H-1B helps the employers in getting employees with specialty skills

This H-1B visa is a very sough after visa by the employers in the US, who seek to fulfill their requirement of employees with high skills.  H-1B visa has opened the door for overseas  non immigrant employees who has got all the training, education and knowledge for becoming the much required asset in the US workforce.

Advantages of H-1B visas

H-1B visa helps the employers in retaining the qualified employees for a long time and the holders of the H-1B visa are not restricted from getting their green cards for getting the permanent residency. H-1B visa holders are permitted to stay in the US for six years; there remains a chance applying for three years of extension. This choice is helpful for the employers who are looking for permanent employees.

By filing the important positions with the qualified overseas born employees, the US firms also enhance the competitiveness of the US. Failing to recruit a nonimmigrant employee with high skills means that those employees would utilize their skills on behalf of the competitors in other nations.

L-1 visa is restricted to multinational firms; the H-1B is more flexible.  With the H-1B visa, the employer in the US is qualified to look for the skills of the overseas employees till the entire eligibility criteria are met.

H-1B visas are not only beneficial to the overseas non-immigrant skilled employees and the employers of the US but also to the US employees as well.    

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