H-1B Quota Filled in Less than a Week

April 14, 2017

In a recent press release, the United States’ migration body in charge of issuing permits revealed that the limit of 85,000 permits placed on the H-1B permits for foreigners for the year 2018 has been reached. This happened less than five days after the application window was opened.

The window for application was opened on the 3rd of April, and for the record, it happens to be the fifth straight year that the limit has been reached within one week of the window’s opening.

The scheme always allocates around 65,000 quotas for foreign employees and then another extra 20,000 for international students planning on having their master’s degree in the country.

The entire number of the applications for the H-1B permits gotten this year is yet to be made public.

Firms in the country take advantage of the permit scheme to get foreign employees to work for them in positions where indigenous workers can’t fill. They usually need professional hands in areas such as mathematics, engineering, science, and information technology sectors.

The body will annul and send back registration fees paid by applicants whose applications were rejected. However, it will keep on receiving and collecting applications for those who are exempted from the limit. The agency stated on the 3rd of April that it would put on hold a scheme called The Premium Process for all applications of the H-1B permits, which also includes those who are exempted from the applications, for six months.

“It is true that the premium processing scheme is on hold for now, and applicants will be unable to submit a request for the form I-907.

We will also let the general public be aware of the time when we resume the premium processing again.” the department disclosed.

Applications made in respect of the present H-1B employees who have been put together with the limit in play will not be put into consideration for the compulsory 2018 H-1B limit.

The body also said it keep on accepting the applications submitted in order to: increase the duration required for a H-1B holder to stay in the country after the expiration of their permit; alter the basis on which foreigners are hired on the H-1B scheme; permit present holders of the scheme to switch jobs, and also permit present holders of the permit to work more than one job at the same time.

The current administration is presently working hard to curtail fraud in the H-1B system and make sure that the law is strictly adhered to when issuing the permits.

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