H-1B Visa Fee Hike Did Not Impact the Number of Applications

June 22, 2016
Minister-Counselor for Consular Affairs at the US Embassy Joseph M Pomper said that increased visa fee hike did not impact the number of applications from the Indian software industry. 

H-1B Visa Fee Hike Did Not Impact the Number of Applications

During his visit to Bengaluru after assuming the charge, Mr. Pomper speaking at the event said that "India is a jewel crown in the H-1B visa category. Something like 70% of all the H1B visas in the world goes to Indian companies while 30% of L1 visas go to Indian companies. The (hike) is not about India. It's a worldwide fee. The fact that more Indians happen to use that visa category is why they feel it more. It has not impacted H1B or L1 applications at all," Pomper said. "That is simply the cost of doing business." 

Pomper, assumed charge as minister-counselor is now responsible for the five US consular offices in India. 

The United States Government’s decision to increase the visa fee on H-1B visa category concerned Indian companies, which are the highest takers of the Visas. 

According to the NASSCOM estimates the increased visa fee hike burdens Indian IT firms by $400 million annually. 

Indian Outsourcing companies are the largest beneficiaries of the temporary work visas that allow businesses to send people to work in the United States corporations. 

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