H1B and L1 visa fees not in agenda during Modi's next US visit

June 01, 2016
The immigration department of USA has increased the visa fees for the H1B visa and the L1 visa for the Indians. This has been a debatable topic in past few days. Many Indian intellectuals, IT companies, and the skilled individuals raised their voice against the hike of the visa fee for the categories of H1B and L1. The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also had expressed his dejection for this concern.

H1B and L1 visa fees not in agenda during Modi’s next US visit

According to a report, the hike of visa fees for H1B and L1 will not be discussed during Modi's next visit to the United States of America in June. The string between Indian and America regarding the unexpected increase of fees on H1B and L1 visas are unlikely to be discussed in the next US visit of Indian Prime minister.

The Indian PM will be flying to Washington to attend a joint meeting of the congress senate. The Obama administration had told that the hike of non-immigrant visa H1B and L1 are not on the list of discussion during the course of the meeting.  

In the month of March, the Indian government has filed a complaint at world trade center for the unpredictable hike of fees for H1B and L1 visas. The visa fees for H1B and L1 visa has increased to $4,000 and $4,500 respectively. This has been affected the Indian-owned companies at the United States of America.

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