Highest amount of Short Stay Visas for NZ

December 23, 2013

Highest amount of Short Stay Visas for NZ

New levels of immigration have been recorded in New Zealand for the amount of people who visit the country on a short stay visa, this proves that yet again the country is an extremely attractive destination for overseas visitors. Holidaymakers have accounted for most of the increase in the past year but students and workers are also entering each year and more so on the previous years. The amount of people travelling from China has fell this year compared with other years. This is probably down to the new restrictions in China on shopping trips at low cost than anything New Zealand has done, they do not deter people from anywhere who wish to enter the country.

The summer season did see the highest number of visitors entering the country, from places such as the United States and Germany, many of the passengers landing in New Zealand were from Australia, but all in all proves that New Zealand is a popular destination for every form of visit, be it for a lovely holiday or to live, work or study. New Zealand has it all and everyone wants to sample life there. Migration to Australia is continuing to decline as the migration to New Zealand rises and Australians themselves also entering New Zealand. New Zealand has seen that many migrants entering their country this year, it is the biggest rise since 2003, and is yet more proof if any was needed that New Zealand is the place to be and the place that people want to be.

The main nationalities that enter New Zealand are those from India, great Britain and china, even though the number of Chinese visitors has dropped, citizens from china are still choosing the country of New Zealand for their destination of choice, with so much on offer in New Zealand it is not difficult to see why so many people year in year out are still choosing New Zealand. New Zealand is a popular destination for relocation permanently as well as to study. More and more people are still migrating to New Zealand. Crime is very low, and the education that New Zealand has to offer is excellent. The health care is also free or very low cost and so all in all is a very attractive package. Anyone who has the opportunity to sample life in New Zealand either for a holiday or to work, or to study at one of  the amazing institutes should take it.

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