Hong Kong airport identifies 1,181 forged travel documents over past 3 years

April 10, 2014
Hong Kong Travel document
On 09th, April 2014, Hong Kong's city government has said that around 1,181 travel documents have been identified as forged at the International Airport of Hong Kong over the previous 3 years.

Lai Tung kwok, Hong Kong's Secretary for Security has said that the main intention of the people using the forged documents is to cover their real identity or earlier records that are unfavorable, by means of adopting some illegal means either for gaining employment, to travel or reside in the Hong Kong .They might even transit through Hong Kong by illegal means to other foreign countries for travel, residence or employment.

Lai said that the Immigration department of Hong Kong manages close association with overseas regional law implementation agencies and China's mainland and thus interchanges the information pertaining to the travel documents that seem to be problematic.

He also said by means of present arrangements all the details pertaining to lost, invalid or stolen travel document that are presented by the competent issuing authority would be located in the watch list. Anyone who attempts to make use of the travel documents that are problematic for the sake of either entering or departing from Hong Kong would be considered to have committed an offence and would be accountable for a punishment for 14 years imprisonment.
Lai said that the city government would continue to carefully monitor the improve measures of aviation security that have set and declared by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and other related authorities. The department of Civil Aviation would if necessary, necessitate the aviation industry, such as aircraft operator, Airport Authority and others to execute improved measures on time to time basis.
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