House Leader: US Immigration Bill faces Difficulties

February 07, 2014
US Immigration Bill - Visareporter News
The representative of the U.S. House of legislative body said on Thursday it may be difficult to pass an immigration law this year, dimming prospects for one of top domestic priorities of President Barack Obama. 

Republican Speaker John Boehner told reporters, “there is widespread uncertainty, whether the current administration can be trusted to enforce our laws, and until the present administration changes it is difficult to move immigration laws.”

Boehner called on President Obama to reinstate the trust, he did not mention the rank and asked to file unenthusiastic Republicans to set broad principles that are circulated by the party leaders. The principles included only legal status and not the path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants living in the country unlawfully with tough interior and border security.

Some of the Republicans asked Congress to wait till next year to address immigration issues, arguing that it did not make any sense to take up an issue, which dividing the party in the election year. Republicans also made a statement that they have a legitimate right to control Senate from the Democrats and can dictate the terms of legislation.

“It is our mistake to have an internal battle in our party this year regarding the reforms on immigration,” Republican Raul Labrador told reporters. “After we take back senate in 2014, after working out certain economic issues, one of the first things we do is address the immigration issue.” It is noteworthy to consider Labrador’s comments as he is one of the eight House members working on the immigration. Conservatives said they would not trust Obama to bring any new law.
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