How current H-1B bill is going to affect Indian students who seek to work in the US

December 19, 2015
The law which is under the consideration in the US will put a conclusion to the program that permits thousands of foreign students to work after they complete their graduation.

The bill which is known as American Jobs First, aims at OPT which is also known as the Optional Practical Training Program that offer international graduates their right to search the job in the US for between 12 and 29 months, relying on subject of their degree.

How current H-1B bill is going to affect Indian students who seek to work in the US

Students who had already studied in the fields of technology, science, maths and engineering which is also called STEM fields are permitted to do the job for just more than two years after completing their graduation.

According to Ted Cruz, the program was used to displace the US employees under the disguise of student training.  Both Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions had filed the bill in the Senate.

The bill was set up in the US Congress on 10th December and it is the recent in the parade of laws filed by the Senators from both parties in the current weeks that is targeted at minimizing the number of tourists visiting the US for doing job.

Some politicians desired to limit the usage of the work permit for high skilled individuals also called as H-1B visa, which the Senators usually refer that it has been used to replace the US employees with cheaper labor from abroad.

According to the latest report by the Institute of Foreign Education and the US State Department, out of 1,33,000 students from India who came to study in the US in the starting fall of the year 2014, around 22% of them were doing jobs through this OPT program.

Students could also take part in the pre completion of the OPT program to take the limited amount of paid job related to their main area of education during the academic year and during the holidays. 

There is no limit on the OPT employees number authorized yearly and there is no least wage or income criteria.

Thousands of students from India go abroad each year for good quality higher education and the number is increasing. Total number of students from India who visit to study in the US has increased to around 30% in the year till September 2014 and more than 70% of all the students from India were registered in maths, engineering and computers programs.

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