How the immigration policy of the UK is going to impact the business in 2016

January 06, 2016
The net migration statistics of the UK for the year which ended in March 2015 revealed an rise to 3,30,000. Almost 40% of the migrants from the EU who arrive in the UK aiming to do the job had no work to go to.

Home Secretary Theresa May deal with conventional wisdom by telling conference delegates of Conservative in the month of September that the UK do not require the current increasing level of net migration and should act strongly to control it. The UK PM had supported her by announcing in the month of May, more strict immigration steps and latest powers to implement them.

How the immigration policy of the UK is going to impact the business in 2016

The latest Immigration Bill 2015-16 rolls out the method to eradicate illegitimate migrants more effectively, minimizing the demand for the skilled and unskilled migrant labour.

The bill makes doing job without consent a criminal offence, so illegitimate employees incomes become income of crime and facilitating such misconduct could become a latest danger for the employers. The UK government would be able to be additionally involved in licensing rules for employment sectors with high risks and a pilot scheme that would penalize the private land lords who did not carry out prescribed checks on the immigration status of tenants is to be extended. The immigration officials would get the powers to seize the property, enter, search and close down the business sites.

In the year 2016, the employers would require to make the contingency plans for additional modifications.  Previous year the limit on the restricted Tier2 Sponsorship certificates was arrived many times. The limit is to remain at this level in the year 2016. The UK government might make a decision to give priority to some of the skill shortages and should also enforce the time limit on some of the sectors to remain on the selected list of shortage occupation. The Committee on Migration Advisory (MAC) has been asked to report on limiting the present right of Tier 2 dependents to job.

Other exceptions are that the Tier 2 (Infra Firm Transfers) would become more difficult that the immigrants might have to pay a full health surcharge, and least salary levels might also increase. Employers are likely to come across more reporting and monitoring responsibilities as the sponsors. For the sponsored migrants, decreased flexibility on the variations to the terms of jobs. And the need for the sponsored migrants to be earning a least of 35000 pounds to be eligible for the indefinite leave to stay in Tier 2. In the year 2016, the employers who depend on the migration labour might end the same.

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