How You can Avoid Visa Problems this Summer

April 27, 2017

When you leave your country to another this holiday, do be on the lookout for permit problems. Not talking about the usual credit card debacle.

I mean real permit troubles. Acquisition of permits is an enormous stress.

They cost too much, are unnecessarily complicated and totally not needed. What’s worse, they can be a stumbling block for sojourners who love to travel in the summer.

For instance, let’s take the permit tussle between the United States and the continent of Europe. As an American citizen, you can fly to any nation in Europe without the necessary documentation for a permit, save for your passport.

But recently, a permit disagreement just occurred in Brussels and had put the whole process in danger of being scrapped. Normally, the United States is cautious of letting citizens from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia and Romania come into the country until they have acquired a permit.

The European Union demands equal treatment for all its citizens and that they should all be allowed entrance into the United States without the need for a permit. Lawmakers in Europe just passed a bill that makes it compulsory for all American citizens coming to Europe to have a visa. It is to take effect from next month. Visitors to Europe are nervous. Americans are worried that they might need to go through all the hassle to get a permit.

No arguments, there is currently tension in the air concerning permit acquisition. But there is a way out.

First of all, know who needs a permit and what could go wrong if you don’t have one.

Presently, you don’t require a visa to enter Europe. The major nations that need a permit for American visitors are Russia, India, Brazil and China, an attorney in migration policies told reporters.

“Concerning authorization status, a common issue people have is that the visitors sometimes do not append their signatures on the application,” the attorney said. It is also important to apply for your visas in advance as this could save you a lot of time. Request for a permit is a tedious and long process, so plan well in advance for your application. “Normally, I put forward my application around five to seven weeks before my journey,” a traveler said.

The prerequisites for the permits can sometimes seem weird.

For instance, in Brazil, you are required to complete a form, and then your passports would be forwarded to the embassy for the original permit.

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