Hugh Laurie's 'tweets' regarding the Immigration Authority and Department

February 21, 2014
Hugh Laurie's 'tweets' regarding the Immigration Authority and Department
British actor Hugh Laurie’s ‘humorous and tongue-in-cheek tweet’ aimed at New Zealand’s Immigration department or authority was only that: meant to be ‘humorous and tongue-in-cheek’ according to his publicist based in New Zealand, Ms. Michelle Lafferty. Hugh Laurie, both an actor and a musician, is popular world-wide for some roles that he has donned in the past as also for being a musician. And, he is expected to be part of the performance to be put by his ‘blues group’ the ‘Copper Bottom Band’, in New Zealand in April this year. The latest tweet(s) of his addressed at New Zealand’s Immigration authority then was/were with reference to the cumbersome and involved visa formalities that he is expected to complete to enable him to travel to and perform in New Zealand.

Of course, like any other foreign visitor, he too would need to fill up the forms which the actor and musician found to be quite amusing and also quite a hassle because of the details expected to be provided by him. In his tweets, Hugh Laurie, said humorously and wittily, as to whether as part of the process of filling up the forms, he would also need to provide ‘personal letters’ to the Immigration department, New Zealand, as ‘evidence of the state of his marriage with his wife ’. And then he adds, in the same humorous tone and way, that he would not; he could and would instead write to them that he and his wife were planning a trip to New Zealand but that he would say in the application to Immigration new Zealand, on behalf of his wife, that they were ‘faking their marriage of 25 years’ just to be able to come to New Zealand and be there for just 3 days!

But and so, in response to these tweets, Immigration New Zealand in turn sought to contact Laurie's Australian publicist and their  own offices in Los Angeles and London. But, Laurie’s publicist in New Zealand, Ms. Michelle Lafferty, confirmed that Laurie's tweets were intended to be just and only that, humorous, witty and tongue-in-cheek. And also, finally, Immigration New Zealand, also clarified that while Laurie would need a ‘visitor visa’ since he was performing there as part of a band, his wife, since she was a British citizen would not need a visitor visa, if she was intending to stay for less than six months.         

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