Immigrants have a rising role in the Science and Technology workforce of the US

October 09, 2015
In the science and engineering workforce of the US, the immigrants have the rising presence. As per the new reports from the National Science Foundation. Since 2003-13, in these ten years there has been an increase in the number of US engineers and the scientists. The immigrant numbers increased to 18% which makes 5.2 million from 16% which makes 3.4 million of total technology force.

The overseas-born engineers and the scientists percentage who got the employment in the year 2013 was 81 which was same as those who born in the US.

Immigrants have a rising role in the Science and Technology workforce of the US

Around 57 % immigrant engineers and scientists are from Asia, which also includes permanent residents, naturalized citizens and those with the temporary visa. Total number of immigrants from the Caribbean and the America counts up to 20%, Europe with 16%. India stood as the leading source for the immigrant engineers and scientists. The total number of engineers and scientists who come from India during the year 2003-13 got doubled to 9, 50,000 from 5, 15,000. According to the report.

The overseas born engineers and scientists are likely to earn higher degrees than those born in the US. A total of 9% of the immigrants earned a degree of doctorate when compared to the 3.8% of those citizens born in the US.

Almost 15%  of the immigrants earn their highest degree in the field of maths, science and computers and more than 20% of them earned engineering degrees. The shares of US born citizens were 8% and 10% respectively.

In the technology force of the US, the immigrants’ percentage is likely to be rising, as the shortage of STEM skills in the US can be overblown. There have been push for more H-1B visas by the technology companies and the recruiter from the corporate world cite the shortage of STEM worker more often. Immigration plans that were announced by the President Obama that will make easy for the overseas born students to reside and work in the country.

The challenge may be retaining skilled and training, engaged engineers and the scientists. Experts of the foreign policy belief that the US shall wage a war for international talent and grab the best engineers and scientists of the world, while the economy of the US goes stronger.

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