Immigrants saying sudden about face on visas are costing them millions

October 01, 2015
The State Department’s sudden about facing has left thousands of immigrants with high skills are not able to apply in becoming the permanent residents legally as they expecting that on Thursday. Even though many of them have already paid the medical and legal fees for getting their application ready, as per the new lawsuit.

Those immigrants who have mostly got affected are from China and India, and many of them are having advanced degrees and are working at the top technology companies or in medical firms.

Immigrants says that the sudden about face on visas are costing them millions

Many of them are saying that they have spent much money, and suddenly government has also jerked them emotionally, forcing them to do all for nothing.

In the previously issued bulletin from State Department, it gives the details of categories of people residing in the US can file their final paperwork for their green card. This move came into light in response to the executive order from the President last year, who was seeking in improving and simplifying the system of nation immigration.

Many workers were thrilled by the Bulletin, who had came here on the petitions for the employment visas, as it was very much expected that it will help clear the year long applications backlog by immigrants from India and China.  Many of them started preparing to file immediately by getting their paperwork done in order, paying their lawyers and also obtaining the required medical vaccinations and exams.

The government again revised the notice on Sept 25th without any explanation, severely limiting those who could apply. The Department of State issues nothing as when the left out ones could be allowed to file.

The federal agency refuses to comment on Wednesday, just by saying that they did not discuss the court case.  The Services for Citizenship and Immigration of the US also declined.

Immigrants are saying that they might get their money back from their lawyers, but the medical exams are only valid for one year.

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