Immigration decline fears Australia economic growth

August 10, 2015
The International travel figures that were released at during the same time of reserve bank of Australia quarterly report shows that the potential economy growth rate has been lessened due the slow pace of population growth.

As the figures shows that a total of 45,060 travelers have arrived for a long term or the permanent migration in the June 2015, while 28,700 departures during the same period, resulting a net influx of 16,360 people.

Lower immigration could stunt Australia economic growth

While there was a net inflow of 19,400 in the previous year June month and 27,180 in June 2013, showing the decline pattern of net inflow into the country.

The net inflow for the year till June 2015 was 292,300 compared to 356,400 for the year till June 2014 and a figure of 407,100 in the previous 12 months.

The fluctuations in the total immigration are major reasons for the changes in the population growth. The RBA also made a special mention in its quarterly statement that the slow growth in the population has reduced the economic potential of the country.

RBA says the lower population growth had implications on economy growth in its quarterly economic statement.

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