Immigration is a Big Factor for Growth of Canadian Technology Sector

May 23, 2019
Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada has recognized the contribution that immigrants make for the growth of the technology sector of the country.  He was speaking in the conference in Toronto and stated that immigration was a decisive factor in the growth of the technology sector.

Immigration is a Big Factor for Growth of Canadian Technology Sector

The Position of Canada

Canada has also adopted an open policy for welcoming immigrants and that has played a major role in the growth of the technology sector.

Many nations are presently closing for immigration, but Canada has the strength and ability to adopt an open policy on it. This provides an edge. Accessing the talent comes from the twin issues of immigration and training the youth besides educating the countrymen in the right manner.

The country also has an ambitious Immigration Levels Plan and is ready to welcome 350,000 newcomers every year till 2021. Many newcomers will belong to the economic immigrant category. They will be predominantly skilled workers having many skills and much experience which are in top demand in the market.

Global Talent Stream

Canada launched the Global Talent Stream and has an aim of attracting international talent towards the technology sector. It is an important work permit stream in which the processing of applications happens in two weeks only. It helps various companies that intend to make significant investments in job-creation in the country. Companies that apply to hire workers using the Global Talent Stream will get access to the new application process. It is presently streamlined. Moreover, the stream serves as a guide to the employers in the application process and for developing the Labor Market Benefits Plan. It delivers the service within ten business days. The application process helps the workers to get the processing of work permit applications within ten business days.

Analyzing the Immigration of tech workers: 

The Trump administration has introduced various measures which create several challenges for the technology workers. It is tough to get the H-1B visa. Furthermore, the Global Talent Stream offers a better and viable alternative to these highly skilled technology workers from many countries.

Moreover, these foreign technology workers are increasingly choosing Canada giving it a preference over the US. The ability for hiring the right employees and not facing any hassles has helped many big tech firms to shift their operations to Canada. The tech workers arriving in Canada on the basis of a work permit can seek the Canadian Permanent Residence later, after acquiring Canadian work experience.
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