Immigration is a major issue in forthcoming Australian Election

February 19, 2019
The government in Australia has decided regarding reopening a controversial detention center on Christmas Island.

The vote

Immigration is a major issue in forthcoming Australian Election

The parliament voted in favour of asylum-seekers on Nauru and Manus to arrive in Australia to receive the medical treatment. This was a defeat for PM Scott Morrison, who feels that making the treatment in Australia easy for sick migrants presently offshore will encourage asylum-seekers to come by sea in more numbers. He expressed his stand against stopping people arriving on a boat. He also said that the government will ensure that there are no weak borders and that no boats will come to Australia. The Christmas Island detention center will reopen soon. Furthermore, it operated since 2003 but was closed in 2018. This is an attempt for scaring the voters regarding border security in front of the election in May. Many migrants will be aware of the imposition of restrictions by Australia.

Sharpness of Refugees 

Refugees source relevant information owing to the availability of smartphones. Moreover, there is much information on the internet for people to know regarding the opportunities. People also look at the details before risking their life by going to another country. Furthermore,  they seek all the details regarding the law. After 2013, the Australian navy is engaged in turning away or towing the boats carrying the asylum-seekers.  There is unrest in detention camps in the South Pacific, where authorities hold migrants stopped at sea. They are also not allowed to settle in Australia.

Welcome News 

The refugees staying at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea welcomed the development regarding going to Australia to receive medical treatment. However, the long-term future is uncertain. Refugees can get the treatment, but worry regarding what happens after that. Finally, there is a political debate regarding several migrants who arrive by boat, despite their dwindling numbers in recent years. Simultaneously, there is less attention to several people, (Chinese and Malaysians), arriving by plane and seeking asylum in Australia.

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