Immigration lawyers gaming H-1B visa lottery system

July 14, 2015
Immigration lawyers making it easy to get H-1B visa for employers and workers

H-1B visa has long been very popular among the employers and workers. Since the US government introduced a lottery system to select the applicants and give the H-1B visa, immigration lawyers always found a different ways to make it pay for them.

The quota of allotment for H-1B visas is 85,000 every year. To increase the chances in H-1B visa lottery system, immigration lawyers are filing a multiple applications for the same person and helping the firms. Meanwhile, workers also accepting multiple offers from employers, thus make them file multiple applications.

It is not known that how many of the 233,000 applications received by USCIS in the month of April for H-1B visas were unoriginal. In an attempt to meet the necessity of filling a position with the high skilled worker, companies are deploying themselves filing multiple applications to get them.

Among the 233,000 applications for H-1B visa, it is to be known that the potential number of applicants could only run into thousands.

Applying for the multiple numbers of H-1B visas is not illegal, it has been running for years without drawing much attention to it. As the economy strengthens competition to get more H-1B visas becomes intense, lawyers say.

On the other hand, the smaller companies says the process of selecting the worker put them at a disadvantage, because they cannot afford lawyers to file large number of multiple visa applications lawyers charge anywhere between $2000 and $4000 to file a visa application on behalf of the clients.

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