Immigration Not A Threat - Canadians welcome Syrian refugees

July 25, 2016
According to newly released opinion polls, Canadians who supported the government’s plan to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees also opine that immigration has a connection with the immigration threats. 

Immigration Not A Threat- Canadians welcome Syrian refugees

44 percent of those surveyed in November have supported the Canadian government’s plan. The recent study suggests that 60 percent of them shared an opinion that there will be no threat to Canada if the refugees enter the country.  

The surveys were carried out just before the Liberals planned to meet 25,000 Syrian Refugees by the end of 2015. Only 35 percent of the people who were worried about the immigrants did not support the plan. 

What is happening around the world did not occur in Canada. Linking terrorism with immigration is typical in countries where terror attacks have been a common phenomenon. There were numerous media reports expressing concerns over the security of Canada and polls were conducted to understand the attitudes of Canadians on refugees.

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