Immigration strengthens Canada-Saudi Arabia ties

April 18, 2016
Canada and Saudi Arabia have stronger ties in many fields of economy; numerous students of the country pursue medicine in Canada. IT professionals from Saudi Arabia for growth in their careers entering Canada, there is a countless memorandum of understandings between the countries. But, immigration which means the exchange of people develops the cordial relationship between any two countries. 

Immigration strengthens Canada-Saudi Arabia ties

Many job seekers from Saudi in various domains can get the opportunities for their career growth at Canada. IT professionals, university professors, skilled workers from Saudi can able to work in Canada without any conflict. The major natural resource of Saudi is gas, mining and oil in other hand Canada is good enough in agriculture, science and technology if the two nation work together then the output will be beneficial and remarkable.

Canada and Saudi are going to work together on various projects like oil, gas and mining. Their relationship will help them to grow their economic and political relationship between them. Previously they both have been associated with various projects in last decades. The new venture will boost their financial strategies.

Political coordination and the friendly relationship are the primary elements of Association of Canada told by an envy of Saudi. Again he added that previously both the countries can maintain the good cordial relationship between them in various project. So now they are going to work together in projects like agriculture, oil, gas, science, health care and information technologies 

The embassy also spoke about the financial assistance to solve the conflict of Middle East and fight dash for the defense deal. The two countries also help each other for the approach in the Middle East, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.
When the question has raised regarding the light armored vehicles, the embassy denies commenting.  Only told that the Saudi-Canadian relationship is a good thing to work together on various projects, and he believed that Canadian government will accept and honor the terms and conditions of the agreement regarding all the issues including the armored vehicles and did not reveal any legal aspect of the deal.

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