Immigration to Canada Makes A Positive Impact on Country, Survey Says

November 22, 2018
Environics Institute has recently conducted a new survey in Canadians and asked their opinion on Canadian Immigration. On this survey, the majority of Canadians thinks that Immigration to Canada making a great impact on the nation’s economy and some Canadians thinks that immigrants making Canada the best place to work and live.

Immigration to Canada Makes A Positive Impact on Country, Survey Says

In October 2018 conducted survey, 2000 Canadians have participated. Compared to the earlier survey which was held in Feb 2018, the number of candidates who disagreed with the declaration “Overall, too much immigration is there in Canada” has dropped down from 60% to 58%. However, the number of Canadians who were agreed with the declaration has remained the same at 35%.

While about 45% of Canadians thought that Canadian immigration is making this country an awesome place to live, to which 17% disagree. About 76% of the Canadians though that Canadian immigration is making a great impact on the nation's economy, to which 18% disagree.

Canadian Immigration is a Problem or Not?

Just 7% of Canadians thought so. Majority of people thinking problems regarding healthcare, environment, economy, and are most important than immigration process. All those people who are thinking that Canada's immigration is a country issue have a high school diploma or below high school diploma.

Are Immigrants Trying to Adopt Canada's Values?

About 41% of Canadians thought that immigrants are trying to adopt Canadian values and 52% thought otherwise. Most of the Canadians, both native-born and foreigners thought that immigrants should respect Canada’s culture and history, besides having proficiency in French or English. The Environics Institute survey also found that issues regarding the integration of immigrants are dropped down compared to the past 25 years.

Who will Support Canadian Immigration?

Around 63% of Canadians who are living in the British Columbia province thought that Canada is inviting so many Overseas immigrants. Around 60% of them are under 45 years age and 70% of them are having a university degree. Canadians those who are with higher levels of education, and are under 45 years age of 45 and income also thinking that foreigners immigration is helpful for the economic growth of Canada.

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