In the past five years, the US had granted 6,80,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations

November 27, 2015
The immigration policy of the US President Barack Obama administration had come under the improved attacks from the Republicans after the DHS has revealed the new statistics that in previous five years, the US had granted about 6,80,000 green cards to the immigrants from Muslim nations.

The administration now also intends to grant green cards to the additional 6,80,000 immigrants from the Muslim majority countries in the subsequent five years. Apart from the Congress who can modify the policy of the administration.

In the past five years, the US had granted 6,80,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations

The statistics from the DHS is the main reason for outrage among the opponents of the administration and its immigration policy.

A statement made by the subcommittee, pretending no reform in the policy of the visa, the US could expect to grant green cards to another 6,80,000 additional migrants from these nations over the subsequent five years.   A green card permits the recipients for accessing the benefits, work authorization, lifetime residency and direct path to become the citizen of the country.

It was more noted that the figure of 6,80,000 is not the approximate of total migration as it do not include the temporary migrants who return back home, nor it is an guess of the population modification as it do not take account of the birth and deaths among other consideration.

The statistics had ignited the uproar among the critics of the administration regarding its immigration policy. Many of them are worried at the rising intake of immigrants from the Middle East nations because of economic and security reasons.

The critics also quoted the information which revealed that around 41.3 million of the US population is overseas born or people with overseas born parents.

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