Increase in immigrants heading toward New Zealand regions

December 31, 2015
The immigrants who are applying to reside in New Zealand’s regional parts has been raised after the latest changes to system of points for skilled migrants.

According to Paul Spoonley, Demographer, Massey University, the scheme had not gone far and would not enhance the economies of the regions on its own.

Increase in immigrants heading toward New Zealand regions

The previous month, around 2,500 immigrants had applied to settle down in provinces and with an increase of around 562 when compared to the month of November previous year. 

Paul Spoonley said that it has been witnessed an hike of 20% which is important provided New Zealand has not seen many immigrants visiting to its regions in the previous years.

Recently New Zealand had raised the value of points from 10 to 30 for the skilled migrants who are ready to reside outside of Auckland.

As per Mr. Spoonley, many immigrants visit Auckland, more than half of them. Then most of them visit here after they had come and went to the New Zealand regions.  It is a tough challenge to keep the individuals in these regions. 

He also said that the New Zealand government only requires the individuals to reside for one year, but they should be needed to reside in those regions for 3-5 years.

According to Shamubeel Eaqub, Economist, foreign proof is clear, this kind of migration only works when there opportunities of jobs.

Mr. Spoonley also said that these are skilled migrants, and they require skilled employment in these regions.

Various ethnicities are lured towards many destinations. Filipinos, Americans and the Europeans tend to visit those regions while two biggest groups who arrive from China and India are lured to Auckland.

Mr. Eaqub said that the places that have growing economy and shortage of skills, they would gain importantly from the latest policy. The provinces of New Zealand are ready for growth. There is a large amount of potential.

The immigration benefits required to be spread all around New Zealand. The changes to the points scheme is a good beginning, but those regions required to provide more opportunities of jobs for the skilled migrants. 

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